Friday, August 9, 2013


My name is Felicity, though if you're my friend then you can call me Lessie. I won't tell you my age, because that isn't important. What is is that I have red hair, I love books and trees - especially when they are together - and I have mixed emotions about starting school.

What an odd way to begin a journal entry, you might be thinking, and if you weren't you are likely thinking it now. The reason I am beginning it this way is because I am starting school. Very soon. Not that I've not been doing school before, as the evidence that I am writing this proves. All my life I've been homeschooled, but my mum and dad have decided to send me to something like a boarding school, though it isn't quite that.
I think it is a cross between a college, an orphanage, and reforming school, but much more interesting.

For example, I am going there to learn to be an author. I know, not an extremely noble profession, but it is so much better than sewing. (Though from what I've heard, there are special sewing classes there, among other things.)

The school has a very British name, which is fitting, since it is in England. Mind, I'm not English, but I've always loved England, I think it might be the accents. Mum thought it silly that I spent so much time drinking tea and calling her mum, but she's finally got used to it, which is why I think her and dad have agreed on an English school.

The school is for girls only, so I've this small hope I'll end up making lots of friends. Knowing my strange characteristics, this might be a hopeless endeavor, but I've always had hope where there should be none.

Currently I live in a little American village with trees and green grass - and not much else. It isn't quaint and lovely like in all the books I read, which is a pity. Also, when the wind blows from the west it smells like cows.

I've spent my whole life here, so I will be a bit sad to leave it. But this is England we are talking about, so I'm not broken hearted.

And that is why I am starting this journal. I want to record all my adventures so what when my hair turns grey - that  is how you spell gray in England - I shall have them all written down and won't have to try and recall them all to put them in a book.

Therefore, this is the first of which I hope to be many entries. 

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